Here at Medical Wellness I want to see all of my patients live long and strong. I will offer ways to feel younger and more energetic and gain more self confidence with every passing day. I have trained at Cornell University in New York in Surgery and have added trai

The Doctor Ears You

Address what ever concerns Medically or Psychiatrically you May Have. Side Effects Of Medications Explained in the very comfort of your home. If you are sad because of recent Life Events and Need a Kind & Gentle Physician to Just Listen to you without interruption. This Service is Just Perfect For You for 15 uninterrupted minutes!


ning across General Medicine and believe in living Life to its fullest. I believe that Medical care should not be outrageously expensive but affordable to all. So at $42 per month I offer a very Affordable service. Please also feel free to check out my E-Book…’LIFE AND DEATH BEHIND THE BRICK AND RAZOR – CODE RED DIAMOND”. Which details my Life growing up in New work City as well as gives pointers on Health and wellness. I also have been a provider of Correctional Medical Care at Public Health Hospitals and Institutions and my book goes into further detail. It is a very good read and you will truly enjoy it!


Once you have paid the monthly $42 you can e-mail me your Urgent care Medical questions for only $10!


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